A Message from Pastor Brandon | Nov. 2023

Hello Church Family,

The official mission statement of the United Methodist Church is, "To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."

It's a wonderful mission statement because it speaks to a purposeful intention... which is transformation. That’s our mission… but how are we going to try and do that? How are we going to share what we have found with the rest of our community?

Jesus had this wonderful way of taking people that others didn’t have much space for and allowing them to belong. And as they belonged, their beliefs would begin to change. They would come to know and believe very deeply in Jesus and what He was doing, and that He had a better way to live… and through that relationship then usually their behavior changed. What I sense about church today is that we have often flipped that script. We're very interested in how people behave and very interested in belief. And if those two things line up with us, THEN finally the gates open and there can be belonging. And yet with Jesus it seems like the belonging always came first. And that's why he gathered around Him some of the strangest people. His first followers were people that just by nature shouldn't have liked each other, shouldn't have spent time with each other. And yet because of Jesus and because of what he created… they not only got along; they changed the world.

And so, going back to our mission of real life transformation...
1. (Belonging) I think if we were honest with ourselves, we would identify that in a world being torn apart on a daily basis by new things asking for us to choose sides… finding people and places that welcome you unconditionally is something we are all searching for. We all desire to have safe spaces for ourselves and family to find joy, rest, and peace in a world that is clearly broken. And so, in that regard I think a fantastic way that we can work towards this mission of making disciples together is sharing a vision to make this place and our presence….. a place that feels like home.
2. (Belief) From there we work towards creating experiences that help people encounter Jesus and take next steps.
3. (Behavior) So that we might be the hands and feet of Christ and serve the needs of this community in such a way that they would miss us if we were no longer here.

I hope you all consider the ways you might participate in this great mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. And I pray that we make great strides in owning Belong à Believe à Behave in the coming year.

Pastor Brandon Dunham
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