United Youth

Giving students a spiritual grounding that encourages them to  walk  with God and walk with others.

We care for students by committing to connect them to a life in the Kingdom of God.
We do this by –
Providing students an opportunity to tell their story to caring adults in small groups.
Showing students the value of committing, through spiritual practices, to a life with Christ.
Giving students opportunities for connecting with their peers and adult ministry leaders.
"We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the Gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become very dear to us"  
(1 Thessalonians 2:8, CSB).
 Caring for one another: Leaders who care for students, and students who care for one another.
Commitment to growing as Disciples of Jesus.
Connecting to the Gospel through Christ and  through life with each other.
"Youth Ministry is a disciple-making ministry where the gospel is proclaimed and applied to real-life situations teenagers find themselves facing while they discover their identity as a member of Christ's Church; not simply a church-based club for teenagers to build healthy friendships and stay out of trouble."


United Youth Wednesday Program

United Youth Wednesday nights are a spiritual home for middle and high school students to connect with one another as they connect their life with the Gospel.

Middle School:
6pm Middle School Connection - students can show up at 6pm for time to hangout and connect. Pizza will be provided for middle school students at 6pm.

6:30pm Middle School game time.

7pm Combined Time - High School Students can arrive at 7pm for our combined gathering time. Our combined gathering time we will have different ways to connecting to each other and God: from combined teaching and worship, small groups, service, and outreach.

1st Wednesday/month - Large group combined teaching and worship
2nd and 3rd Wednesday/month - Small Groups
4th Wednesday/month - Service/application night. The focus of this is to apply the theme we have been learning about faith.
5th Wednesday/month - Outreach/ fun event

8pm High School Connection - High school students are invited to hangout until 9 pm to hangout. Dessert will be provided at 8pm for high school students.

8:30 pm High School game time.

9 pm Doors Close



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