This is a survey to discern how active members and congregates of Harrisburg United Methodist Church view disaffiliating from the United Methodist denomination due to the differences in theology and biblical interpretation. Disaffiliation means the local church, Harrisburg United Methodist Church, will end its association with the United Methodist denomination. This survey is not a vote to disaffiliate; it is a process of discerning where this local church potentially stands to have that vote.
We strongly recommend that you view the video series by Rob Renfroe and Adam Hamilton before taking this survey. You can view the videos by clicking on the thumbnails below.  This is the best information to date that rolls up the understanding of these divisions from both viewpoints. We suggest watching Rob’s videos first and then Adam’s as Adam responds to Rob’s video. There is also much more information on the UMC denomination site, but we feel these videos give the best perspective.
Instructions for the survey:
1. Your name is required to match to member roll of the church for when and if a vote is necessary. This will be kept confidential and will not be known outside the leadership council. NOTE: Your name and email address are required to submit the survey online.
2. Answer the questions as fully as possible. These answers will help leadership in further steps of disaffiliation.
3. Answer question #4 based on the answers to the first three questions; they should align. (Remember: this survey is to discern how you feel about and view this situation, not how it may affect your neighbor or friends or how they would respond).
4. Survey is due by November 20, 2022. (Survey results will be shared in early December).