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A Word from Pastor Kyle

I have been thinking about a Chuck Yeager quote.

Mr. Yeager was the first man to break the sound barrier with

an airplane after WWII. He said, “You don’t concentrate on

risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to

prevent the necessary job from getting done.” Focusing on

risks is a default habit of mine. However, I believe God is

inviting me to change. God is asking me to focus on the

results of what He is going to do, rather than the voices of

well-meaning, but risk-avoidant people and myself. I am

going to focus on the results.


On August 27th Londa Vickerman, Margaret King,

Ross Sandine, Sara Harris, Sally Cain, Sue Niemeyer, and

Becky Reinhiller attended a Breakthrough Prayer seminar at

Asbury UMC. We learned about threshold prayer, target

prayer, and prevailing prayer. We watched and learned how

God has renewed United Methodist churches through the

power of prayer. I want to share with you what we learned

and invite the Harrisburg UMC to start a Breakthrough Prayer

Movement. On September 24th after the 10:20 a.m. service,

I would like to host lunch followed by an hour-long break-

through prayer seminar, and you are invited! I am inviting the

paid and volunteer staff, people who serve on our committees

and people who love God and love the church to attend.


Together we will start praying for God to breakthrough

in our church for the sake of our community. Every October

we work together to put on the best Turkey Supper in the

region. Imagine what would happen if we prayed together?

Lives would be changed! People would experience the love

of Jesus in their lives. People would enter the Kingdom of

God, and trust the providence of God. People would ask for

forgiveness and would become forgiving. People would not

give in to temptation but escape and be released from the

power of evil and the evil one. People would be comfortable

with calling God, Father. We would see the Lord’s Prayer

living in people’s lives.


I have seen how God has used the power of break-

through prayer in other churches and I think, “Why not us?”

As your pastor, I can say our church needs you to pray

breakthrough prayers. The results of entering a season of

prayer outweigh the risks. I look forward to seeing you at the

Breakthrough Prayer Seminar on September 24th at the

Harrisburg UMC—lunch starting at 11:30 a.m. and seminar

following. Let’s focus on the results, not the risks. Amen




Pastor Kyle


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