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The Privilege of Ushering

Ushering Letter

Beginning in September we no longer have the monthly ministry teams however we still need Ushers. The role of an Usher is to distribute bulletins, count attendance, ring the church bell when church service is about to begin and reset the sanctuary by collecting bulletins or other material left in the pews after the service.

The other role of an Usher is the collecting of the tithes and offerings. Ushering is a privilege and a sacred duty and should reflect that something significant and important is about to happen. An organized offering system also provides a good impression on visitors.

Our goal is to standardize a method of taking Offering that reflects the importance that giving plays in our church service. A great Offering procedure should be consistent, predictable, and streamlined for efficiency.

To encourage congregation members to participate in Ushering/Offering we will have training at convenient times, provide a written procedure outline for reference and have someone guide you through this Offering procedure and be available to answer any questions you might have.

Our goal is to make members more comfortable to volunteer and help serve the church in this very important and sacred role. I have asked someone to be available for congregation members to communicate with and organize Ushering teams.


Dan Brenner and Pastor Kyle

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