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A Word from Pastor Kyle

“I don’t know how” that is the thought which sunk into me about eighteen years ago. As a result I was stuck in the misery of resentment. I was embarrassed that I did not know how to do it. Eighteen years ago I didn’t know to forgive. I knew I ought to forgive, but I didn’t know how forgiveness worked. However, God, in His grace, lead me to some helpful authors, and I eventually grasped the basic steps of forgiveness. Today I am convinced that Jesus’ great gift is not just forgiving us of our sins, but transforming you and me into being forgiving people.

You might be at that point in your life where you would like to forgive. Or you might not necessarily want to forgive, but you don’t want the pain of your resentment anymore. You are stuck in your life and faith because you don’t know the steps of forgiveness. You might be confused about what forgiveness means, and the lack of clarity is holding you back. If you attend the study, you will receive steps and clarity; you will learn how to forgive!

I am looking forward to seeing how God will use the Art of Forgiveness study in people’s lives starting at 7PM on Wednesday, August 30th and ending Wednesday, October 4th. If you are interested in the study but aren’t available on these dates, please let me know because I am willing to start another group. Right now, pray about it, and circle the dates on your calendar as soon as you can make the time! Let me know if you are coming. Call me, text me, or Facebook me! Reach out and tell me if you can’t make the date that is set; let’s work something out that will work for you. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do through this round of the Art of Forgiveness.

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